Custom Furniture Miami

Custom Furniture Miami -NABU HOME carries some of the most exclusive custom furniture styles. We boast of a variety of European furniture styles in our collection and each of these pieces can be custom made specifically for any space in your home. The European furniture styles  would be a splendid addition to any  dining room, living room, home office or bedroom.

At NABU HOME you will not only find the most modern of European furniture styles designed to satisfy the most exclusive of tastes, you will also be provided with a complimentary decoration service.


Mar Sectional

A very versatile  piece included in our sofas and armchair collection is the Mar sectional. Mar sectional is an Spanish furniture sectional currently on  in our Miami collection made from solid wood cultivated by intensive farming. This sectional features an Intes elastic webbing support which allows for a more narrow profile compared to coil springs. The seats and backs maintain their shape and are made of cotton with an aged hollow fiber  of the highest quality.

Madi Sectional

Another beautiful sofa from our custom furniture pieces , is the Madi sectional. The Madi sectional shares similar characteristics with the Mar sectional. This luxury sofa is also made from solid wood cultivated by intensive farming but features removable arms and backs made of polyurethane of various densities. The seats are also removable and made from a rubber that aids the seats in maintaining their forms, also made from polyurethane coated with aged hollow fiber. This sectional like all of our European furniture styles in Miami, can be custom made of indefinite measures and the width of the arms can be changed without losing the aesthetic design of the sectional. Multiple luxury finishes are also available in fabric or leather.

Various of the pieces found in NABU HOME, feature Aquaclean technology. Aquaclean technology is a revolutionary technique meant to ease the stress of furniture upkeep. More than two million families already enjoy Aquaclean, so why shouldn’t you?

european furniture miami

Deciding on furniture to complete the decor of your home can be a daunting experience at first. But if you have already decided on an European  style,  NABU HOME, is the right place to start. European furniture is renowned for its aristocratic history. To this day, European furniture transcends decades and adopts modern styles as year go by. If you are interested in any of our European pieces, we can provide you with a complimentary quote and we can also perform comprehensive decorating projects at no cost to you.